What happens if my IVF treatment is unsuccessful?

If your initial IVF protocol is not successful after the first cycle, it does not mean that consecutive cycles or alternative approaches will fail.

NEVER say NEVER with IVF Spain.

The combination of fertility drugs prescribed, sperm collection, or bad embryo transfer can alter your IVF cycle. Infertility treatment can be a difficult process for couples, but IVF Spain understands your concerns and pushes forward.

Chances for successful IVF entails important factor:

  • Age
  • Egg quality and quantity
  • Sperm quality
  • IVF ovarian stimulation
  • Egg retrieval
  • Embryo transfer
  • Number of eggs retrieved
  • The cause of your infertility
  • Uterine issues

In order to maximize the chances of IVF, seek the trusting guidance of IVF experts in Spain and discuss the above factors.

IVF Clinics in Spain

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