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Barcelona, Spain

Gravida is amongst the largest providers of fertility services in the world — as our growth has been the result of a supportive and personalized approach to fertility care.

IVF Clinics in Spain

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About IVF in Barcelona

Barcelona IVF enables you to make informed choices when it comes to evaluating infertility issues and providing treatment options. IVF clinics in Barcelona behold world-class doctors, advanced technology, and a complete line of fertility services.

In Spain, over 80,000 assisted reproduction treatments are completed each year. Patients traveling to Spain are increasingly allured by the experience of vast options compared to other countries – and the personalized care they receive.

Barcelona offers no waiting lists and short treatment visits. Barcelona is the perfect choice for IVF treatment because each patient is treated as a human being, and given the most positive fertility experience possible. Each patient receives care based not only on our knowledge, but on the patient’s own needs and goals.

IVF experts including nurses and administrators to renowned IVF specialist teams—are ultimately committed to the care and experience of each person coming to Spain.

Spain boasts some of the highest fertility success rates in the world, especially in Barcelona. Barcelona has both clinical and laboratory services, which allows for a diverse range of services on site. Barcelona delivers progressive and advanced treatments and valuable access to state-of-the-art reproductive technology.

IVF Treatments in Barcelona

IUI- IUI combined with fertility drugs and artificial insemination allow infertile women to become pregnant without the cost, time commitment, and physical impact accompanying advanced reproductive technologies.

ICSI-Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) has revolutionized the treatment of male factor infertility. It involves the placement of a single sperm directly into the egg using a microscopic pipette.

IMSI-IMSI is an infertility treatment believed by some experts to be the most effective treatment to date for male factor infertility. The valuable technique offered in Spain involves selecting the best quality sperm cells from a sample provided by the male partner.

Egg Donation-Egg donation provides a successful means for women to conceive if they cannot use their own eggs in an IVF cycle and has helped thousands of women and couples alike.

Sperm Donation-Sperm banks and insemination centers can help women achieve their dreams of motherhood. Donors can be selected by characteristics you prefer, including race, ethnic descent, hair and eye color, height and weight.

Sights to See in Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic voyage of excitement and magic and retains traces of Roman remains in an impressive setting. In the 19th century, Barcelona turned into a showcase for art nouveau architecture.

Explore the gothic quarter—the charming heart of the old city, embracing the Cathedral and Picasso Museum. The narrow streets are full of surprises leading up to the old city charm.

ABaC Restaurant and Hotel is an exquisite environment full of luxury. It is tucked away in the upper reaches of the city and includes a delicious restaurant, lovely spa and splendid gardens, all just minutes from the historical city center.

Cost of IVF in Barcelona

The primary focus of IVF Barcelona is to provide you educational guidance and help you build a family.

IVF Barcelona is a new way to build your family in an exciting atmosphere backed by the right financial resources.

Barcelona encompasses low costs and high standards at each IVF clinic. IVF experts in Barcelona offer you support and the ultimate discounts to help achieve your desires of building a family, today.

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