Mini IVF

Mini-IVF encircles treating infertility by combining low dose ovarian stimulation with the latest advances in human embryology. Mini IVF or minimal stimulation differs from natural Cycle IVF resultant of the minimal amount of oral medication used to stimulate your ovaries, further producing a maximum number of quality eggs in a single cycle.

Mini IVF in Spain offers simplicity.

Clinics in Spain offer a simple, more affordable protocol —and are renowned as global experts in minimal stimulation treatment. It is a resourcefully regarded and completely different approach to IVF, that saves patients complex matters and high costs associated with more conventional IVF protocols. The cost reduction stems from the condensed dose of gonadotropins and the existence of fewer embryos which can reduce the variable costs of IVF lab fees.

Advantages of Mini IVF in Spain

The result of Mini IVF in Spain is a shorter treatment cycle, with less discomfort, less risk of side effects and very effective results. With residents in the UK and France encountering an increasing lack of world class facilities, specifically infertility diagnosis and treatment, clinics in Spain are readily available to help you build a family.

Good Candidates for Mini-IVF

Mini IVF in Spain is increasingly used to reduce health risks and discomfort caused by ovarian hyper-stimulation (OHSS) and to reduce the high cost of drugs in conventional IVF protocols.

Good candidates for Mini IVF in Spain are women with higher FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels and women in their late thirties or forties.

Patients from the UK with very good ovarian reserve (who will produce a good number of eggs in response to even low amounts of stimulation) and with very low ovarian reserve (who will produce a low egg number even with high stimulation) are progressively taking advantage of Mini IVF in Spain.

Mini IVF Spain is an increasing alternate for women who wish to minimize costs as well as their exposure to needles, hormones, or anesthesia.

Mini-IVF Procedure

Mini IVF Spain protocol starts with taking a low dose of Clomid (50mg) on Day 3 of the menstrual cycle, and continues Clomid past the five day customary Clomid treatment. Patients continue to take Clomid until ultrasound monitoring shows the follicles are ready for ovulation.

A very low “booster” dose of gonadotropin is typically added on days 8, 10, and 12. Clomid not only stimulates pituitary to release FSH naturally (by blocking estrogen’s suppressing effect), but continuing Clomid blocks your estrogen’s stimulation of LH release, and prevents premature ovulation.

Clomid stimulates the development of smaller number of better quality eggs for IVF.

Risks and Side Effects of Mini IVF

While Mini IVF in Spain contains vividly lower risks and fewer side effects than conventional IVF, any prescribed medications may have side effects and can pose a slight risk.

Clinics in Spain use very gentle ovarian stimulation to further minimize side-effects. Mini IVF Spain greatly decreases the risk of a high order multiple pregnancy.

While Clomid is commonly well tolerated, patients may experience mild side effects such as hot flashes, headaches, bloating and breast tenderness.

Understanding Your Role – Recovery from Mini IVF

IVF experts in Spain who perform Mini IVF contest that the procedure is minimally invasive, with virtually no recovery time. Encompassed by fewer fertility drugs, Mini IVF in Spain is not accompanied by side effects.

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