Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is an exciting new option in modern infertility treatment offered in advanced clinics all around Spain. Due to numerous factors beyond ones control, many couples cannot conceive on their own. Limited by significant fertility factors decreasing their chances for conception, traveling to Spain for embryo donation is a magnificent solution.

Just as egg donation has become readily available, embryo donation has made a profound impact in Spain. Embryo donation can be accomplished in two ways—with the first IVF cycle or at later time using embryos previously frozen — frozen embryo transfer (FET).

Donated embryos can come from a variety of sources. Most frequently other infertile couples who have undergone IVF treatment and achieved the family of their desired size choose to donate embryos rather than have them frozen or discarded.

Typically, donating couples use the term embryo donation, while receiving or adopting couples use the term embryo adoption.

Can embryo donation help me? If other fertility treatments have been unsuccessful, expert fertility specialists in Spain may suggest embryo donation as an option. Counselors will help you to consider the social, legal and emotional implications of being a recipient of donor embryos.

Good Candidates for Embryo Donation

The most suitable candidates for embryo donation include untreatable infertility that involves both partners, untreatable infertility in a single woman, recurrent pregnancy loss thought to be related to embryonic factors, and genetic disorders affecting one or both partners.

Single men and women facing cancer treatment are also good candidates for embryo donation as they can preserve their sperm or eggs and use donor eggs to produce embryos to be used after recovery stage.

Embryo Donation Procedure

Once embryos have been identified, IVF experts in Spanish fertility centers review the embryo transfer process with the couple. Recipient couples undergo appropriate medical, infectious disease and psychological screening tests prior to the frozen embryo transfer.

Advanced Embryo Donation in Spain

Spain uses embryos donated anonymously by patients and couples for immediate placement. Clinics in Spain are fully equipped to offer advanced cryopreservation procedures including vitrification. Each facility is capable of thawing embryos frozen by a multitude of techniques and is able to grow embryos to the advanced blastocyst stage assuring the best quality of embryo is transferred.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen embryo transfer, or FET, is an assisted reproductive technology procedure in which a previously frozen embryo is thawed and transferred into the intended mothers prepared uterus in order to conceive.

Frozen embryo is a term for embryos that are not transferred during an IVF cycle and are deemed suitable for cryopreservation, or freezing. The best embryos are most commonly selected for transfer in fresh IVF cycles. Should suitable quality embryos remain, they can be frozen for later use. Not all cycles have embryos that are suitable for freezing.

Many doctors and IVF experts in Spain recommend frozen embryo transfer method for patients who wish to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of ovulation induction and egg retrieval, as well as their accompanying high-priced fees.

FET is also employed during embryo donation from another couple.

Embryo freezing gives you more opportunities for a pregnancy for each hormone stimulation cycle and egg collection. IVF experts in Spain will be by your side every step of the way, presenting options, providing support, and helping you make informed choices based on realistic expectations.

The cost of the IVF frozen embryo transfer in Spain is the driving force for many overseas couples who are looking for an affordable solution to their infertility issues. Frozen embryos can be frozen and stored for several years, reducing the stress of further treatments.

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