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Marbella, Spain

At our facilities we have incorporated the latest scientific advances, both in relation to bio-medical knowledge, technical or data processing, as in equipment equipped with the best and latest technology for the development of our work. For all this, FIV Marbella has established itself as one of the most advanced latest generation clinics in Europe.

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IVF Clinics in Spain

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About IVF in Marbella

Have you always dreamed of building a family, but it hasn't been easy? When you're looking for a solution, IVF Marbella is the right choice.

IVF Marbella offers a professional medical team who know your exact needs. Infertility doctors in Spain will stay involved in your treatment, and ultimately help you decide and stay informed of the treatment that's right for you.

Short flights can be utilized from the UK into Marbella. Spain is a striking hotspot for UK couples as it is easy to get to and you can combine the treatment with a gorgeous holiday. In Spain, the cost per treatment cycle is much less than the UK or the US.

Marbella offers state-of-the-art clinics, backed by advanced, innovative equipment and technology. Nowhere else will you find a team of skilled doctors and scientists who specialize in fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization (IVF) with such passion and sacrifice.                         

IVF Treatments in Marbella

IUI-Not all patients need high-tech procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization. IUI delivers hundreds of successful pregnancies from intrauterine inseminations also known as artificial insemination or IUI.

Natural Cycle IVF-Natural Cycle is less stressful and much less expensive. Conventional IVF is necessary for all patients.

ICSI-ICSI overcomes many of the barriers to fertilization and allows couples hope of achieving pregnancy.

Egg Donation-Egg donation allows allows any woman with a low probability of a successful normal pregnancy using her own eggs to be a good candidate for IVF using an egg donor. Egg donation Marbella offers a wide selection of egg donors at affordable prices.

Sperm Donation-IVF clinics in Marbella offer sperm donation program to help couples, including same sex couples and single women successfully conceive their baby. The donor pool offers a diverse ethnicity and grand success rates.

Sights to See in Marbella

With a mild year-round climate, Marbella is a paradise for the golf enthusiast. Marbella offers a grand selection of golf courses, the best in continental Europe and is also home to 4 marinas where the most luxurious ships are docked.

Marbella is the center of beachfront dining, soothing spa treatments and a rich nightlife full of surprises.

Encompassed by over 600 restaurants, Marbella will fill you up. El Med is a casual restaurant in Marbella offering a Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that you don’t want to miss out on.

Explore Hotel Senator Marbella Spa with a spectacular hall dominated by a magnificent pendant. The glamorous setting will leave you awe-struck.

Cost of IVF in Marbella

IVF Marbella has become an emerging destination for low cost IVF treatments. Clinics in Marbella are available to assist couples who have difficulty conceiving by providing low cost programs for them to receive fertility treatments.

Spain is at the forefront of inexpensive IVF treatment due to the fertility preservation assistance programs and refund programs to help couples through sperm banking and egg and embryo donation.

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