Pregnant after IVF treatment in Spain

When pregnancy occurs following IVF, it will typically be a normal pregnancy. However, there is always a risk of abnormal pregnancy, miscarriage, blighted ovum, ectopic pregnancy or premature delivery. Occasionally, the progression of IVF treatment does not protect against such normal occurrences.

Congenital abnormalities, genetic abnormalities, and birth defects which occur in approximately 3% of spontaneously conceived pregnancies may still occur following births from assisted reproductive techniques.

Women with multiple pregnancies have a much higher risk of complicated pregnancies, which may include the following: toxemia, pre-eclampsia, miscarriage, premature labor and delivery, stillbirth, birth defects, and other complications.

Is It Possible To Plan for Twins

IVF increases your risk of certain complications, such as a multiple birth, when more than one embryo is transferred to your uterus. While many couples consider twins to be a blessing, having twins increases your risk of having a premature baby or a baby with a low birth weight.

IVF experts in Spain cannot guarantee that patients will have twins by placing more embryos with IVF or increasing the number of follicles with ovulation medications.

Discuss with your IVF specialist in Spain the specific risks of a multiple pregnancy and how it applies to your treatment plan.

Taking the Pregnancy Test

The opportunities that IVF creates brings with it significant challenges. IVF is considered by patients to be the most stressful of all infertility treatments — especially the two week wait.

Taking the Pregnancy Test – Nine days is the time frame for day five transfers, while day three transfers will require 11 days of waiting.

The two-week waiting period between the embryo transfer and receiving the pregnancy test results is often overwhelming, but IVF staff members in Spain have you covered — with advanced caring support and advice.

IVF Clinics in Spain

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